Letters to the Editor

Firstly, may I congratulate the council on the number of gritter lorries I have seen over the past few weeks travelling up and down the A701 through Bilston and in other areas, amber lights a-flashing – with no grit whatsoever being spread!

Looks good from afar. No wonder they have plenty in stock this year, they’re not actually using it!

Having read the front page article in last week’s paper about the money for the car park, I was wondering if it would be possible for the Advertiser to get a list from the council of where all of our money has been spent over the past year or so.

It would be very interesting to see how fairly this money has been distributed.

I am not talking about council-wide areas such as schools, rubbish collection etc but all the extras such as roadworks and repairs, gardening, repairing footpaths, etc.

I could probably count on one hand the number of works the council has carried out in Bilston over the past 10 years or so yet other areas, which shall remain nameless – but everyone reading this knows which they are – seem to have a disproportionate amount spent on them.

For example, there is a blocked drain at a pedestrian crossing in Bilston which floods the road every time it rains.

The council was informed of this in November yet nothing has been done about it. People walking along the pavement have to time their journey so that they don’t get soaked by passing vehicles going through it. I saw an elderly woman recently, who was unable to walk quickly, being absolutely drenched as she made her way to collect her pension.

Likewise young people waiting to cross the road to the bus stop have been soaked.

Surely this information could be obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and we could all see exactly the areas which benefit most and how equally the money is shared out?

I think it would make a very interesting article indeed!

Joy Innes-Greig