Life-changing day as Newbattle Abbey College students graduate

Students receive their awards Photo by  Mark Beautyman
Students receive their awards Photo by Mark Beautyman

Students at Newbattle Abbey College encountered a life-changing day recently as they graduated across a wide range of subjects.

The awards ceremony saw certificates, diplomas and awards presented by the Principal of the College, Ann Southwood.

The students graduated across a wide range of disciplines including arts and humanities, social sciences, rural skills and Celtic studies.

Dr Richard Butt, Dean of School of arts, social sciences and management, Queen Margaret University, gave the keynote address to the students, reflecting the growing partnership between the two institutions. He encouraged the graduates to steer their own course and to use their new qualifications to find fulfilment.

The event also saw a number of awards presented to outstanding students including the Margaret Teale Award to celebrate distance travelled on the learning journey, won by Ewan Hill..

The Ann Kettle Award for contribution to College life went to Georgina Mackay.

Principal Ann Southwood said: “Our success is the success of our students.

“Each year we celebrate the changes they have created in their own lives and the lives of people around them.

“The awards ceremony is a stage in their journey, they will all go on to tackle challenges that would have seemed remote before they started out.

“But this is the moment to stop and recognise how far they have come and the commitment, skill and sheer hard work that has taken them to this point.”