Life lessons inspire new comedy


Man Down (Channel 4)

Friday, October 18, 9.30pm)

What’s It All About? Actor and comic Greg Davies goes back to school as a teacher - a role he’s played both in real life and in The Inbetweeners - in his new self-penned sitcom.

He stars as Dan, a man whose world seems to be at near-collapse, and his weird and wonderful best friends (played by Roisin Conaty and Mike Wozniak) provide little respite: one’s as daft as him, if not more so, while the other is as strait-laced as they come, and constantly tested by his pals’ antics.

In the opener, Dan endures a bad day when he loses his trousers, and then looks set to lose his girlfriend. His dad (Rik Mayall) is out to get him but can’t get his friends to believe him, and there’s a tailor out on the warpath.

Look Out For: The writing. Despite the faintly far-fetched scenarios our antihero finds himself in, Davies claims the series is based on his own life - albeit with a modicum of artistic licence.

Greg says, speaking to interviewer Andrew Collins: “it is all based in truth, so there is something exposing about realising just how much of a loser you were in your early life.

“It felt like some sort of therapy to go back and film in that place where I was unhappiest.”