Lifting a lid on a secret society


Television on Friday, June 6

Holy Grail Conspiracy: Secrets of the Knights Templar (C5, 8pm)

This fascinating series, which explores some of the events depicted in the Bible and tries to work out whether they could really have happened, concludes with an insight into one of the most secret societies ever formed - the Knights Templar.

Hugely powerful during the Middle Ages, it is said to have owned the Holy Grail, know Christ’s bloodline, have discovered the New World a century before Columbus and carried out numerous good works while promoting religious faith. But, as this programme reveals, after falling foul of France’s King Philip IV in the 14th century, the Templars were declared to be devil-worshippers and shunned. However, scholars believe they merely went underground and inspired the formation of other secret groups.

Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites (BBC2, 8pm)

The veteran cook visits Guildford Famers market, seeking culinary inspiration from the fresh, seasonal ingredients on offer. Back home, she prepares asparagus soup, then uses the core ingredient again in a dinner party classic - chicken with lemon creme fraiche and asparagus.

Farmers markets offer a fine way to source specialty goods, such as sunblush tomatoes, olives and chargrilled artichokes - all of which Mary uses in her salad tapas. Finally, she prepares a sausage supper and a Pavlova with red fruits.