Line drawn after war memorial research in Newtongrange

Newtongrange War Memorial John Duncan at the war memorial
Newtongrange War Memorial John Duncan at the war memorial

Newtongrange Community Council has vowed to leave all war memorial inquiries to the local authority after a year of researching names.

Local historian John Duncan gave the community council an original list of 12 names to establish whether or not these men had died fighting for their country and were from Newtongrange.

Having researched the names and liaised with Midlothian Council, the group put forward three names to be added to the village’s war memorial. Speaking at their meeting last week, Newtongrange Community Council secretary Ron Campbell said: “The time has come to draw a line under it. We could go on with this, then next month someone else could say ‘put another name on it’.

“We have looked at the information – birth, marriage and death certificates. And these were the only ones we could positively identify that had an address in Newtongrange when they were killed.

“Whoever brings up more names, we should point them towards the council and let them get on with it.”

Mr Duncan was disappointed more names were not added and will meet with Councillor Catherine Johnstone this week.

He added: “I will pursue it but I think the council have pretty much decided that’s it.”

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