Loanhead fence to stay after appeal

A FENCE round a property in Loanhead is to be allowed to remain after councillors agreed to overturn planning conditions which would have seen it moved.

Retrospective planning permission for the 1.75m high fence at 14 Mayburn Drive, Loanhead, was approved in December, but included the condition that it must be moved one metre back from the boundary at Mayburn Avenue to improve visibility and allow for planting to minimise its visual impact.

However, the applicant appealed the decision and councillors discussed the item at last week’s Local Review Body meeting.

Councillor Bob Constable (SNP) said: “It is regretable that this has to be yet another retrospective application.”

Councillor Jackie Aitchison (Lab) agreed, but moved that the conditions be removed from the planning permission.

He said: “Moving it back a metre, I think, wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Had the recommendation been to remove the fence, I may well have taken a different view, but I think from what we have before us I would leave it as it is.”

The decision was supported unanimously.