Loanhead pupils in gala delight

Freya Newall and Declan Roose
Freya Newall and Declan Roose

Jumping for joy are the 2015 Loanhead Gala Queen and Herald.

Paradykes Primary pupils Freya Newall and Declan Roose will lead the town’s celebrations in June. Freya will be crowned by Mrs Monica Prenter.

Freya (11) lives in Mayburn Vale with mum Leah (43), who works at Sainsbury’s, dad Royal Mail employee Kevin (49) and brother Euan (6), who is in P2 at Paradykes.

Declan (11) lives in Paradykes Avenue with mum Yvonne, who was a gala maid of honour in 1993, dad Craig, a gents hairdresser, and sisters Caitlin (14) and Erin (8).

Loanhead’s celebration is the oldest of Midlothian’s galas. The crowning will take place on Fountain Green on Saturday, June 27.

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