Local Development Plan green-lighted

Midlothian House
Midlothian House

The Local Development Plan for Midlothian was last week approved, despite cross party concerns about the impact it will have.

Speaking at the full council meeting at Midlothian House in Dalkeith, Labour group leader Derek Milligan said: “We need to make sure that there is investment in infrastructure to allow people to get back and forward. We have a great reliance put on us by the Waverley Line. I think everybody can see that has been needed.

“But the reality is that it doesn’t have the capacity to take cars off the roads. We need to be able to see more frequent and larger trains to alleviate this problem.

“And, quite clearly, there is a crisis in areas of Midlothian where we can’t attract GPs. Every year we see more pressure on us to build more houses. The reality is Midlothian as it’s sitting is full.”

Green councillor Ian Baxter raised concerns about the local road infrastructure, in particular on the Edinburgh city bypass.

SNP councillor Lisa Beattie wants to better educate people about the details of the plan. She said: “Obviously I share with my colleagues around the room the infrastructure situation but I think it’s important to acknowledge that a lot of this doesn’t sit with the council.”