Local group objects to plans

Darius Namdaran
Darius Namdaran

Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Community Council is to object to plans for 19 new homes at the site of the old Bonnyrigg Market on the High Street.

The application by Hackland and Dore Architects, which also include one shop unit, was discussed by the group at its latest meeting.

Chairman Darius Namdaran said: “We are proposing that the community council objects on residents’ behalf.

“Residents are in agreement that they want the site developed. It’s just a question of how far the developers are proposing to go.

“The shop is four storeys high. It’s not in keeping with the look of the High Street.

“There is a separate house being built a metre away from neighbouring houses. It would overshadow them.

“There also needs to be more parking provision, 22 parking spaces for 19 houses doesn’t meet the planning requirements. Those extra cars are only going go on to Park Road and Park Crescent which are busy enough.

“The wheelie bins situation is also a concern. There will be 19 wheelie bins against a neighbour’s wall and it would be right on a pathway.

“We are generally in favour of these plans but they really are pushing it in our opinion.

“The community council objects to it as there are not enough parking spaces, that’s the main issue, but one of the buildings would overshadow neighbours.”

Hackland and Dore Architects declined the opportunity to comment.