Local ladies get in the driving seat at Dalkeith garage

Kwik Fit's Dalkeith centre held a free ''Ladies in the Driving Seat' event
Kwik Fit's Dalkeith centre held a free ''Ladies in the Driving Seat' event

In response to recent findings regarding women’s thoughts on garages, Kwik Fit in Dalkeith held a ‘Ladies in the Driving Seat’ evening.

The event on Croft Street was aimed at women who want to learn a bit more about their car.

A recent survey carried out by Kwik Fit revealed that nearly two-thirds of female motorists (64%) don’t feel comfortable about visiting a garage for repairs.

To help drivers understand their cars, Michael Mclay, manager of Kwik Fit’s Dalkeith centre, invited local women to an event at which his team gave some tips on basic car maintenance, as well as answering any questions.

Mr Mclay said: “The general belief has long been that women are less mechanically minded than men, but our research showed us that many women in and around Dalkeith want to learn more about their car. We want them to feel more confident when they need to go to a garage and that’s why we held this event.

“It was not to teach everyone how to fit an exhaust or strip a gearbox, but to help people save money by learning some simple car maintenance that they can do themselves.

“On top of that, we want to make sure that visiting any one of our centres is as stress-free as possible for customers.

“We realise that most drivers would prefer not to have to go to a garage, but if they do have to come in, we want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.”

The event was free to attend and provided useful information and advice on areas such as oil, tyres, and brakes. If you are interested in attending an evening in the future, email LadiesCarCare@kwik-fit.com