Long-running family bakers set to close shops

Allan Smith Bakers, High St, Bonnyrigg
Allan Smith Bakers, High St, Bonnyrigg

A Midlothian family-run bakers is set to close its two shops after serving up treats to locals for more than half a century.

Allan Smith Bakers’ Bonnyrigg shop will close on September 17, with its other premises in Loanhead currently up for sale.

Allan Smith Bakers, Clerk St, Loanhead

Allan Smith Bakers, Clerk St, Loanhead

Martin Smith, who runs the company with his sister Joan, explained why the shops are to close. He said: “I’m just retiring. I’m 63 now. I’m looking forward to a long lie and watching TV after nine o’clock at night.

“None of my kids want to take it on. The eldest tried it for 18 months, but it wasn’t for him. It’s not good for his social life.

“I get up every day at half past two in the morning.

“My father opened the original shop in Bonnyrigg in 1960. I left school at 16 and got involved. It has been my life for the last 40 years.

“So it is regretful but all things come to pass.

“I want to thank our customers for their support. It will be a shame when we do close but this is the way it is.

“And the staff have been here for a minimum of 12/13 years. One of them has been here as longs as me and is due to retire too. It’s more a big family than a business.”