Lugton traffic camera calls

Villagers are calling for traffic cameras to be installed at Lugton Brae.

The Dalkeith road was reopened last Tuesday when Midlothian Council lifted a Temporary Restriction Order (TRO).

The TRO – put in place on August 16 – was designed to prevent drivers from using the brae as an unofficial diversion after the A6106 closed in July because of subsidence.

With the brae reopened, in order to alleviate traffic safety concerns, the council has put down 20mph road markings. HGVs were also banned from using it.

However, local residents are not satisfied, according to ward Councillor Jim Bryant (SNP).

Speaking at a meeting of Dalkeith Community Council last week, he said: “The solution that we came up with doesn’t seem to be satisfying them. They want cameras now, but to put a camera up would cost something ridiculous like £35,000. I’m getting a lot of letters from Lugton residents who are upset about people using the brae, but I don’t think we had any choice but to reopen it.”

It is anticipated Old Dalkeith Road will remain closed until the spring. Engineers took samples in August, but are no further forward in identifying the cause of the subsidence.

A council spokesman said: “We will get a report regarding ground conditions towards the end of the month, and only at that time will we know the cause and solution.”

Giving an update at last week’s community council meeting, Councillor Bryant added: “The amount of time this is taking is ridiculous, and I don’t know why it is taking so long. We are waiting for samples to be tested, but what that means I have no idea. We have designated £1m from the reserves for road repairs. We are hoping that it won’t cost that.”