Luvvies return with festive bite


Vicious (Friday, December 27, ITV, 9pm)

What’s It All About? Gary Janetti and Mark Ravenhill’s catty sitcom about Freddie and Stuart, seasoned luvvy partners and their assorted friends.

While some situation comedies need time to bed in, this was a hoot from the word go, partly thanks to fellow showbiz veterans Derek Jacobi and Frances de la Tour.

In this festive special, the duo’s traditional turkey dinner hits a few snags, what with Ash’s cooking, Violet’s (de la Tour) new lover and Freddie’s pending acting gig.

As if that’s not enough to generate excess indigestion, Penelope’s (Marcia Warren) truth-or-dare secret threatens to split the group.

Look Out For: Plenty more bitchy belly laughs from some of the world’s finest actors. And if Messrs Jacobi and McKellen can fit it in after their assorted film projects, hopefully a second series will arrive sometime in the new year.

Regarding Freddie and Stuart’s relationship, Ian McKellen says: “They have fallen into the habit of being horrid to each other. Although they’ve got into this habit, they clearly still love each other in the way that people who have been together for nearly 50 years do. They’ve survived.”