Making IT all crystal clear in Dalkeith

Crystalmount Sheletered Housing. - Computer Classes.
Crystalmount Sheletered Housing. - Computer Classes.

Pensioners in Dalkeith have been improving their quality of life thanks to a free IT tuition course run by Volunteer Centre Midlothian (VCM).

Meeting at Crystalmount Sheltered Housing every Wednesday, OAPs have been learning from a handful of expert tutors.

The lessons have enabled most participants to regularly communicate with relatives and friends living overseas.

Marion Black, (68) has been taught how to email her family in South Africa, while pensioner Hillary Haston now keeps in regular touch with her sister in the United States.

Pals Joe and Walter Brown have been hugely impressed by what the Connect Online project has to offer.

Joe (82) was no stranger to a computer, as he owned a laptop and already knew his way around Windows XP when he signed up. Walter (77) on the other hand, was a raw beginner.

He explained: “I joined because I wanted to be aware of what was going on around about me, rather than sit in stagnation.

“I’m still learning the basic foundations – even the dialogue is all foreign to me, but I’ve been learning the keyboard and getting away from being a one-finger typist. I take notes each week and look forward to the next lesson.”

Slightly further along the road to IT mastery, Joe has been getting to grips with Windows 8.

He said: “I use the laptop for international communications – my family live in South Africa and friends have moved to Australia.”

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