Man rescued after falling into Roslin sewer

Emergency crews had to hose down a casualty before taking him to hospital – after he fell into a sewer.

The 62-year-old man fell through a manhole landing on a concrete plinth 7ft below at Roslin Glen sewage works.

The alarm was raised at 11.45am last Wednesday with fire, police and ambulance crews rushing to the scene.

They found the casualty conscious but lying under a sewage tank and covered from head to foot in waste.

Firefighters from Newcraighall and Tollcross, helped the ambulance service rescue the man.

The ambulance service said: “The man landed on his back and sustained back injuries, which are not life threatening. Crew descended into the hole and used a stretcher to rescue the man but because of the nature of the hole, it took some time to successfully remove him.”

He was removed from the sewer 30 minutes later but, before he could be taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, the Full story in this week’s Advertiser.