Mayfield artist mines her history

Yvonne Weighand Lyle Descendants:  X Concentric Circles II
Yvonne Weighand Lyle Descendants: X Concentric Circles II

A Mayfield artist is holding an exhibition in Edinburgh in April documenting her family’s mining heritage.

Yvonne Weighand Lyle (43), will showcase her art at Patrionhall Gallery in Stockbridge for Descendants: Fragmented Impressions of a Continuous Nature, from April 1-12.

She said: “This exhibition is about my family’s mining heritage. I have got some pottery and installation work, like drawings with coal on the floor. I have been mapping my great grandfather’s mining heritage. He worked at Lady Victoria.

“Without sounding pretentious I think I have started on my life’s work.

“I thought I was of mining stock, and yes I found out that my family has been involved in mining for generations.

“Where did these people live, how did they live, what pits did they work in? I discovered that they moved around for hundreds of years.

“I’m trying to do something positive about the decline of the mining industry to give a bit of sense to how the mining industry was important to the country and economy as a whole.

“People from Midlothian should come along and see something positive about our history. It might inspire people to look into their history.”