Mayfield Church has big plans for the future

Mayfield Church, Bogwood Road
Mayfield Church, Bogwood Road

Mayfield Church has revealed ambitious plans to create a café space, a multi-purpose hall and a soft-play area in a £700,000 project.

Speaking at Mayfield Community Council’s recent meeting, Reverend Sean Sewells outlined his plans for the Bogwood Road church.

He said: “Part of the ethos we want to create is that it’s a safe place.

“There is nowhere in Mayfield to go and get a coffee without alcohol being served, hence the café.

“The intention is to have a church building fit for the 21st century. A building for use for seven days a week, not just Sunday morning.

“And as there is a lack of play facilities for young children and a lack of somewhere for a granny to take her grandchild we want to include a soft-play area.

“We want to take the church back to what it used to be – for the community.”

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