Mayfield community trust’s future is in trouble

Art group ran by the trust
Art group ran by the trust

A “last ditch” attempt is being made to save Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust which is under threat due to a lack of board members.

At its annual fun day this Saturday, the community group plans to appeal to local people, telling them more about what it does, in an attempt to encourage them to help out.

Mark Thistlewood (34), MAEDT’s volunteer co-ordinator and administrator, has been with the group for three years.

One of two staff members, he said some of the six board members are set to leave, adding: “The future of the Trust is in trouble.

“We are hoping the fun day presentation will be the way to get more of an interest in what we do, encourage local people to participate in our projects and hopefully get us more board members.

“The funding is in place, it’s more board members we need.

“Hopefully the fun day will make the local community aware that we are here and that they will want to get involved when they realise what we do.

“It is critical, this is our last ditch attempt to save MAEDT.”

If you are interested in helping, call 0131 663 5317.

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