Mayfield mother angry over King’s Park Primary School assault claim

Debbie Dillon & daughter Lauren.
Debbie Dillon & daughter Lauren.

An angry mother, who claims her six-year-old daughter is being assaulted at school on a daily basis, feels she in not being listened to.

Debbie Dillon (34) from Mayfield, has alleged that her daughter Lauren has been the subject of abuse for 18 months at King’s Park Primary School, Dalkeith.

She claimed one boy has punched and grabbed the primary two pupil by the throat, punched a tooth out and smashed her glasses.

Debbie is angry that although the boy is now in another class, the Dalkeith school will not exclude him.

She said: “They suggested Lauren moving but that’s not fair. They say the boy has medical problems but I don’t care. That’s no excuse for assaulting my daughter.

“Apparently they can’t exclude him. It’s crazy. No child has the right to do this to another child.”

A Midlothian Council spokesman said: “We take all allegations of bullying very seriously.

“The school has met with the parent and is continuing to work with her to address any issues.”