Mayfield residents’ flooding concerns

Mayfield residents from Pentland Rise and John Humble Street, angry about flooding in their gardens
Mayfield residents from Pentland Rise and John Humble Street, angry about flooding in their gardens

A group of residents concerned about flooding in the gardens of their new homes have sought support from the local community council.

Neighbours from Pentland Rise in Mayfield attended last week’s Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council to raise the ongoing issue, as they say Persimmon Homes are not taking responsibly for the issue on their land.

Residents living on the adjacent John Humble Street claim that there had been no issue with flooding until the area was landscaped during construction work on the new homes at Pentland Rise.

With one resident revealing pictures of oily water in his garden at the meeting, Persimmon Homes deny they are responsible and “consider the matter closed”.

The community council will host a meeting on June 23, inviting concerned locals, Persimmon Homes and Midlothian Council’s head of planning Ian Johnson.

Speaking at the community council meeting, local residents made clear their concerns about the flooding.

Ian Kennaway revealed videos and photos of what looked like oily water in his garden.

He said: “Persimmon Homes haven’t done what they were meant to do at the beginning.

“We have not had any substantial rain in the past two weeks. But it’s still bad in our gardens. At best it’s like a bog.

“We all just want them to put right what they done wrong. But they say they have done everything correctly.

“All the water from the new houses is getting diverted out to our gardens. When it’s heavy rain it just sits on the top. It’s ridiculous.”

Neighbour Calum Hall added: “The water has sprung up and yet they claim it’s nothing to do with them. My garden turns into a bog.And where is it all going exactly? As the water flows under all of our houses.”

Bill Wildey has lived adjacent to Pentland Rise for 30 years, he said: “I can practically see the water coming out. They are getting it all coming down their gardens.

“We had nothing like this here until Persimmon did their landscaping.

“The say they have done nothing wrong and it was like that before. But I have been here for 30 years and it’s never been a problem until they showed up.”

Jim Kirkpatrick, Managing Director at Persimmon Homes East Scotland, said: “Homeowners at Pentland Rise that have raised concerns about surface water have been contacted on an individual basis and kept informed throughout our investigations.

“We do not agree that the surface water run-off has been exacerbated by our construction work and we have responded to residents at the adjacent development.

“We have also attended meetings on-site with the residents of the adjacent development and members of the council and consider this matter to have been closed.

“If, however, matters have materially changed on site then we will of course be happy to meet with the representatives of all parties who have an interest and responsibility for such matters.”

Mayfield Community Council chairman Robert Hogg has organised a meeting to tackle the issue, on June 23, 6.30pm at McSence.