Mayfield teacher Bill retires while he is still Winning

Bill Winning with staff during his leaving party
Bill Winning with staff during his leaving party

Bill Winning said a sad farewell to Mayfield Primary School last week after more than 38 years teaching generations of children there.

After arriving at the school as a fresh-faced newly-qualified teacher in August 1976 Mr Winning (60), has dedicated his entire teaching career to Mayfield Primary.

He said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching. I enjoy seeing children develop, not just in education but their characters also. I will miss all that.

“I have lots of happy memories of the school. My commitment has been to the school, the children and the community. I have taught children and then their children.

“I have had a few lovely cards and letters from ex-pupils and parents appreciating my time at the school.

“It’s actually a privilege to have a child for a year or two and see them learning and to have influence on their characters. They remember you forever.

“To have that effect on people, there are not many jobs in which you can influence people that much.

“But I think it’s now time to hang up my duster and spend some time with my family.”

Mr Winning has been married to nursery teacher Margaret for 35 years. They have two daughters, a son and a grandchild. And he is now looking forward to his retirement: “I want to take up walking and photography which I did in the past so I have now got the time to do these things.

“I’ve got the garden too, and I’m sure my wife will have stuff for me to do.”