Mayfield trampoline centre re-opens

Ryze trampoline park
Ryze trampoline park

Ryze Edinburgh, the £1m trampoline park in Mayfield, is set to reopen to jumpers today (Thursday).

The facility was temporarily closed last month at the request of Midlothian Council when it was discovered the correct operating licence wasn’t in place.

Having worked closely with the council and other authorities to complete the licensing process, the trampoline park was due to open at 10am.

Scott Fairgrieve, for Ryze Edinburgh, said: “During our temporary closure we co-operated fully with the authorities and reviewed our operating processes, health and safety procedures and first aid policies to further enhance the experience of our customers.

“Our first aid policies already exceeded legal guidelines, but we decided to increase our provision and all members of staff now get first aid trained.

“We also took the opportunity to make improvements to our toilet areas and parking provision to meet the demand of the high customer numbers we have experienced.”

A spokesman for Midlothian Council added: “Ryze Edinburgh had an application for an indoor sports entertainment licence which I can confirm has now been determined and the appropriate licence granted. In addition to the standard conditions that apply to all Civic Government Scotland licences, additional specific conditions have been imposed. Ryze has co-operated fully with the council.

“It must be stressed that while the aim of the conditions is to regulate safety, this can only be delivered through good management of the facility and by the patrons acting responsibly.”

Ryze has successfully operated in the USA for several years. The Mayfield centre is the first foray into the United Kingdom.

Mr Fairgrieve continued: “The public response to the opening of our first action sports centre in the UK has been amazing, with over 33,000 jumpers in our first four weeks.

“The overwhelming majority of customers have had a fun – and safe – experience at Ryze Edinburgh and I would also like to thank them for their fantastic support so far. We now look forward to welcoming jumpers old and new to our trampoline park this Easter weekend.

“Trampolining is an activity the whole family can enjoy together – a healthy, low impact aerobic exercise which helps to develop balance, strength and agility – but as with any form of high adrenaline, physical activity, there is a level of risk.

“We are very clear at the point of admission that customers using our trampoline parks do so safely and responsibly, and are mindful of their own physical capabilities and limitations. All activity areas are supervised by our Flight Crew to ensure safe use, but jumpers also have a responsibility to follow our advice at all times.”