Meet the woman behind the brass


Piers Morgan’s Life Stories – Julie Goodyear (ITV, Friday, September 20, 9pm)

For more than 25 years, Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch was one of the most colourful characters on the cobbles, a big, brassy barmaid with a peroxide perm who could turn men to stone with one of her famous withering glances.

After landing on the Street as a cheeky factory worker at the age of 24, it wasn’t long before buxom Bet was as familiar as a hotpot.

However, Julie Goodyear’s private life was as colourful as anything Bet got up to. Assorted relationships, engagements and marriages saw tabloids rubbing their hands with glee. Little wonder Piers Morgan is keen to talk to the woman behind the legend to see what makes her tick.

Now there’s a chance to find out as Julie reflects on her career both on the Street and beyond. There are plenty of Corrie clips from the golden age of ITV’s soap, and no doubt a few personal questions from the man who, as an editor, used to detest running soap stories.

Regarding how much access Morgan had to her private life, Julie says: “Disastrous marriages; psychiatric hospital; when I was given six months to live. He could go anywhere and everywhere.”