Meeting to discuss future of Danderhall

What are your thoughts on the future of Danderhall and surrounding area?

Locals are invited to attend a Planning for Real event, which will be held in Danderhall Library on Tuesday, January 31, from 10am to 7.30pm.

The event, which includes laying out ideas on a giant map of the village, is part of the Danderhall Neighbourhood Plan.

Midlothian Council’s regeneration spokesman councillor Alex Bennett (Lab) said: “This is an important opportunity to discuss the future of Danderhall and District. I would encourage as many local people as possible to come and participate.”

Those attending will have an opportunity to put their ideas on a giant map of the town as well as advising the council on what they like, would like to see changed for the better and what kind of community they would like to see.

The ideas presented will be discussed, prioritised and included in the Neighbourhood Action Plan for Danderhall.

The information gathered will act as a guide for local community groups, public services, support agencies and funding bodies to help them develop the projects and services that matter most to local people.

Questionnaires are also being distributed to all households in Danderhall and the surrounding area.