Middleton memories evoked

A recent photograph on our nostalgia page evoked memories from one of our readers who saw her younger self at summer camp.

Ros Bostock (62) got in touch after we included a photograph in our May 30 edition of school children playing at Middleton Camp near Gorebridge in July 1966.

She said: “I have just seen the picture of Middleton Camp taken in 1966 and can’t believe I am staring at myself when I was 14 years old.

“I lived in West Calder at the time and spent a few weeks in the summer at Middleton. I remember having to leave a few days early as I was going to Ireland on holiday.

“My mum got the bus at West Calder into Edinburgh and then the Borders bus and walked up to the camp to collect me.”

And, strangely enough, Ros now lives just a stone’s throw from Middleton Camp.

She added: “I remember that the camp was close to Gorebridge but I hadn’t a clue it was near Newtongrange where I live now.

“My husband and I bought a house in Newtongrange in 1984 when the village was starting to get renovated.

“I am really delighted seeing this photo, which does bring back some good memories. Thanks for showing it.

“I am immediately on the left, slightly behind, the lady pushing the wheelbarrow.

“I have shown the picture to a few friends and most recognise me which is quite nice.”