Midlothian actress gets Cabin Fever

Louise as Deputy Winston
Louise as Deputy Winston

Midlothian actress Louise Linton is set to become a cult horror star after bagging a major role in director Eli Roth’s remake of Cabin Fever.

Shooting of the movie has already begun in Los Angeles, with Louise playing the character of Deputy Winston, who was a man in the original.

Taking time out of her busy schedule to speak to the Advertiser this week, Louise could hardly contain her excitement: “This is the most excited I’ve been about any role of my career because Deputy Winston is so famous from the original and I can’t wait to see how fans respond to the character being made a female.

“I don’t enjoy horror movies. At least not to watch. I haven’t even watched the horror films I’ve been in. I joked with the director that I’ll go to the premier, do the red carpet, walk into the theatre and then head for the exit out the back as there’s no way I can watch Cabin Fever. Too scary and gory for me. I’ll be fainting all the way through it!”

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