Midlothian Advertiser launches ‘Give us a Hub’ campaign calling for community facilities in Dalkeith

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If Dalkeith were to walk past you on the street, its shoulders would be hunched. If it were a dog it would have its tail between its legs.

The former Burgh of Regality has heritage and historical significance – of that there is no doubt. But for many years, some would argue decades, its sense of community spirit, of entitlement, has been slowly eroding away.

To the extent that its reversal of fortunes has been pinned almost entirely on Morrisons opening a new supermarket this summer.

That to me is a sad indictment. And yet you can hardly blame the townsfolk, who vehemently campaigned when the former Labour administration at Midlothian Council ransacked their facilities, closing down the former Dalkeith Community Centre in July 2011.

What do you think about the lack of community facilities in Dalkeith? email us your thoughts and any ideas you have that might improve the situation.

A proposed replacement ‘community hub’ at Woodburn has failed to materialise, while downtrodden locals have faced the indignity of watching the council invest heavily in other communities.

That’s some way to treat a town that is the ‘administrative headquarters’ of both the council and Police Scotland’s J Division.

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