Midlothian band’s DIY release

A young Midlothian band release their debut EP today, with all six tracks written, recorded and produced by themselves at home.

The Serums, influenced by bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Kings of Leon and Rage Against the Machine, release The Fuzz Trap EP, with a launch gig at the Mash House on Guthrie Street this evening.

Midlothian band The Serums

Midlothian band The Serums

Lead singer/ guitarist Ryan Hunter (17), from Pathhead, explained the recording process: “It’s kind of a mini album.

“We recorded it all ourselves in my garage and my bedroom.

It took about a month of solid hard work doing it.

“I produced it myself. All the time I’m recording songs myself without the band so I’m used to it.

“I just do it all on a little laptop and plug instruments into it. Then I layer the song.

“Usually I will write the structure of the songs then I will bring it to the band. Then they will bring ideas to it and finish the song off.”

The band, formed seven months ago, also includes drummer Sam Bancroft (18) from Pathhead, Charlie Carter (19) from Woodburn on bass, and guitarist Stewart Clark (18) from Eskbank.

Ryan added: “The EP is ready to go on Itunes and Spotify on Friday. With physical copies and t-shirts available at the gig. It’s quite exciting, I’m buzzing about it.”

The Serums, plus support including fellow Midlothian band the Carvelles, at the Mash House, Edinburgh, Friday 6.45pm. Tickets £6 from the band via Facebook and Twitter or £8 on the door.