Midlothian bands set for capital gig

Midlothian band Martin Place
Midlothian band Martin Place

Midlothian band The Carvelles will launch their new EP in Edinburgh next week with two other local bands, including one group still at school.

The EP launch gig takes place on February 13 at the Mash House on Guthrie Street, with the Serums and Martin Place supporting.

Members of the latter band all attend Dalkeith High School, where Martin Place were booked as support for this gig. Keyboard player Alastair Barron (16), explained: “The Carvelles went to our high school and they came to play a battle of the bands competition, which we won. I think they just saw us and said they wanted us to support them.

“We came up with our name for that battle of the bands. We had just got two new singers in and they didn’t like our old name of Makeshift. So one of them (Anna) put her street name down for the application. She has left the band now, but the name has stuck. We all identify ourselves with the name Martin Place. This will be only our third formal gig. It’s going to be our biggest gig yet so we are pretty excited. We just want to get our name out there and make new fans.”