Midlothian binmen take action over pay

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Refuse collectors at Midlothian Council are said to be taking industrial action as part of protests against a recent pay cut.

Engaged in a lawful protest known as ‘work to contract’, the waste operatives are doing no more than the minimum required in order to cause a slowdown, it is claimed.

It has been reported that binmen are refusing to handle wheelie-bins that are even a fraction of an inch overfilled.

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The pay dispute revolves around the council’s decision to remove the Market Supplement of £1371, which was awarded to refuse collectors following the Modernising Midlothian settlement.

As reported in last week’s Advertiser, staff moral has crashed as a result of the reduction in pay.

Are you a refuse collector who is fed-up with your working conditions and pay, or are you a taxpayer who feels that the binmen are being unreasonable? Leave your comments below.