Midlothian booklet offers safety advice

The launch of the MIDSAFE 'Staying Safe in Midlothian' booklet
The launch of the MIDSAFE 'Staying Safe in Midlothian' booklet

A group of Midlothian residents with learning difficulties has launched a guide full of information to help the community stay safe.

The 12-page document, entitled “Staying Safe in Midlothian”, has been compiled by the MIDSAFE Group and provides a wealth of advice.

Scenarios include personal safety when using a cashline machine, what to do when meeting someone for the first time and how to deal with bullying. There are also tips on staying safe in the home and how to protect your bike.

Joining the MIDSAFE members were individuals from the self-advocacy organisation People First, which has five groups in Midlothian. People First is the only disabled people’s organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties.

Duncan McIntyre, the Joint Planning and Implementation Officer for Adult Heath and Social Care at Midlothian Council, said: “This is a fantastic resource carefully crafted by members of the MIDSAFE Group over the course of the past six months, along with representatives from People First, following discussions which led to a list of subjects that members were most concerned with.

“The document is clear, colourful, eye-catching and, most importantly, easy to understand. The format has been designed in such a way that is it accessible for those with dementia.

“Feedback so far has been very positive, with several users describing it as ‘wonderful’, and it was great that the members themselves went out into the community to take relevant pictures.”

Members who contributed to the booklet and appeared in the pictures were Ronald Aitchison, Fiona Wallace, Joyce Phair, Gerald Wilson, Joan Wise, Sharon Melrose, Callum Kennedy, Andrena Aitchison.