Midlothian caravan site pelted by vandals

YOUNG vandals are endangering lives by hurling objects from a Midlothian viaduct.

Residents in Newtongrange have witnessed an increase in youths throwing items off the Lothianbridge Viaduct on to caravans and buildings.

Police are appealing for witnesses following a spate of reckless behaviour incidents during the past five weeks,

These mainly happened between 3pm and 5pm on weekdays and at various times over the weekends, and police have been called in to investigate the issue.

Objects such as stones, branches and tree stumps have been thrown from the viaduct by children believed to be of early secondary school age. The viaduct is 60 feet at its highest point.

Peter Dubickas, who owns Lothianbridge Caravan Park, is concerned about the current situation and the serious threat to public safety.

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