Midlothian care pledge as board meets

The integration of health and social care in the county took a step closer when the Midlothian Integration Joint Board formally met last week.

The Integration Joint Board’s primary responsibilities will be to produce a strategic plan, allocate the integrated revenue budget for health and social care and oversee service delivery.

The new integrated service will be responsible for delivering a range of nationally agreed outcomes which apply to adult health and social care across Scotland. These include improving adult health and social care services, delivering more services in community settings, reducing inequalities, and improving health and care outcomes for local people.

The board consists of four councillors and four members of the NHS Lothian Board. Representatives from other sectors, including the voluntary organisations, health and social care staff and others representing the interests of patients, service users and carers, will also sit on the board and contribute to its work. Arrangements are in place to ensure that members of the public will be able to share their views and help shape the way health and social care is delivered in Midlothian.

Meeting for the first time the boad considered arrangements for the its governance, financial arrangements and membership. Further information is available at the Midlothian Council website under Integrated Health and Social Care.

Midlothian council leader, councillor Catherine Johnstone (SNP) said: “This is a major change in the way that health and social care services are delivered in Midlothian. I strongly believe that this is a great opportunity for us to deliver high quality, joined-up services and, wherever possible, these services will be delivered locally and to people in their own homes.”

Professor Alex McMahon, director of strategic planning, performance reporting and information, NHS Lothian, said: “This new approach will build on the integrated work and good relationships which already exist between health and social care colleagues and services in Midlothian.”