Midlothian Council alters its fees and charges

Bob Constable
Bob Constable

The way in which Midlothian Council charges for room rates and pitches is changing and a new concessions policy has been developed.

Previously, fees and charges for sport and leisure, education and community learning and development facilities were inconsistent and varied across facilities.

Some groups were charged on a ‘per capita’ rate and others on a room hire per hour rate.

After a comprehensive review, charges will be brought together across council facilities.

The changes will come into effect on Friday 1 August 2014 with the new fees and charges based on a straightforward hourly room or pitch rate.

“Councillor Bob Constable (SNP), cabinet member for property and facilities, said: “We worked hard to involve the public during this process with a full consultation with people and organisations who use both our indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Feedback from this has formed our final proposals.

“It’s clear that these changes reflect best value for the local tax-payer and the charging has now been fully reviewed so it’s fairer and more transparent.”

More information about the changes to fees and charges and how it affects you is available here: http://www.midlothian.gov.uk/hire-rates