Midlothian Council backs anti-drink driving campaign

Drink driving has decreased in Scotland
Drink driving has decreased in Scotland

Don’t spoil your summer by drinking and driving is the message being promoted by Midlothian Council this summer.

The council is supporting the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland’s, 2015 Summer Drink Drive campaign which highlights the often unplanned nature of summer socialising and reminds drivers that getting behind the wheel, even after one drink, isn’t worth the risk.

Recent new data shows that in Scotland there has been a 17 per cent reduction in drink driving offences since the introduction of Scotland’s new lower drink drive limit on 5 December.

The new limit means that even just one drink could put a driver over the limit. Police stop a driver approximately every two minutes in Scotland, and have the powers to breath-test many of them. Police Scotland enforcement activity is running alongside the 2015 Summer Drink Drive campaign.

Councillor Owen Thompson (SNP), the cabinet member with responsibility for community safety said: “Summer is a time when people tend to get together for a spontaneous drink with friends, family or work colleagues. This drinking is often unplanned and people may not have thought about the journey home. They may not realise that just one drink can put them over the legal limit. If you drink and drive, you won’t just spoil summer. Even if you’re just over the limit, you’re still a drunk driver in the eyes of the law. This could affect your current and future employment and can have wider implications for other areas of your life. I would urge people to think twice before they consider drinking and driving.”

Find out more by visiting www.dontriskit.info or the Road Safety Scotland Facebook page.

If you suspect someone of drink driving, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or your local police office by dialling 101. In an emergency, dial 999.