Midlothian crime figures down

Crime figures are down in Midlothian
Crime figures are down in Midlothian

Crime in Midlothian has fallen by 5.4 per cent between April and December 2015 compared to the same period the previous year.

This means there have been 178 fewer victims of crime in the county.

As a result of targeted activity offences, overall violent crime, including minor assaults, has reduced with 42 fewer victims.

However, Midlothian has seen a rise in domestic house break-ins, which are being investigated as part of the ongoing Operation RAC. This has resulted in more offenders being brought to justice with a 13.5 per cent increase in the detections of such crimes with nearly one in every two being solved.

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson, local area commander for Midlothian said: “To observe an overall fall in crime within Midlothian is testament to the hard work and dedication of your local officers who remain committed to improving the quality of life in your area.

“While we have made significant strides in tackling crimes of violence and dishonesty, I recognise the need for us to further address the issue of housebreaking within Midlothian.

“Through Operation RAC local policing teams will continue to investigate all reports of housebreaking and acquisitive crime to bring offenders to justice.”