Midlothian debate: Can there be an end to smoking?


Scotland is the third nation in the world to set itself the target of becoming “tobacco-free” – by having less than five per cent the population smoking by 2034.

The Scottish Government’s aim is part of a new tobacco control strategy, launched to reduce the number of people choosing to smoke. The strategy supports the introduction of standardised packaging and education programmes to prevent young people from starting to smoke.

Services to help people stop smoking are to be improved and measures to protect people from the harms caused by second-hand smoke are also included in the strategy.

The Scottish Government has announced that the ban on open display of tobacco products in large shops and sales from self-service tobacco vending machines will be introduced on April 29.

Anyone who wants to quit smoking can visit here or call Smokeline for free on 0800 848484 between 8am and 10pm to speak with an adviser and find the quitting method that’s right for them.

This week we’re asking if the target of becoming a “tobacco-free” nation is realistic and if you think plain packaging and a ban on open displays of tobacco products will stop people smoking?

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