Midlothian drivers in Racewall action

Photo shows 152 James Dillon (Mayfield) chasing 456 Steve Allan (Gorebridge)'Cowdenbeath Racewall
Photo shows 152 James Dillon (Mayfield) chasing 456 Steve Allan (Gorebridge)'Cowdenbeath Racewall

The winter holiday meeting at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Sunday was held in wet conditions and with the rain falling throughout the meeting and a coating of oil the track got slippery as the meeting progressed.

However that didn’t detract from the racing and some of the dicing in the ministox was exciting with the cars racing side by side for many laps.

The driver on the outside line had the better grip and whilst the car on the inside might have been slightly faster the grip wasn’t as good resulting in the driver struggling to overtake.

The van bangers certainly pleased the crowds with 15 turning up plus a people carrier! There were a good few Transit vans but there were also a few minibuses and a campervan! The ministox drivers were racing for their Chas Trophy with Lauren Ford making her debut. Heat one was led off by Teri Linden but she was to lose out to Bryan Lindsay early on. Euan Millar got ahead of Steven Burgoyne but it took him quite a while to catch Lindsay. From then on these two diced for the lead and whilst they swapped places nearly every lap in the end Lindsay got the better of the exchanges to win from Millar and Burgoyne. Heat two saw Linden go straight into the lead from Sean Naismith and whilst they ran at the front of the field Millar was closing the gap. Naismith retired as Millar caught Linden and whilst he did get ahead just couldn’t shake her off but held on for a narrow win with Burgoyne again in third.

The final for the Chas trophy and this time it was Naismith who moved into the lead but had Linden in close order. They diced for the lead but whilst they did so that allowed Millar to reel them in. Naismith slowed to retire as Millar dived through into the lead before going on to win from Linden and Burgoyne.

Millar made it a hat trick of wins when he won the Allcomers from Danny Whyte with Lisa Freebairn in third spot.

The microbanger team event brought five teams into action although two teams only fielded three cars instead of four. There were some intriguing team names such as The Geared Knobs, The TYO, The Rouges, The Mob and The Lonely Hearts. However the action was good and on a wet track there was plenty of sideways cornering although a deft nudge would send the driver careering into the wall. The only local driver in action was Steve Allan (Gorebridge).

The opening heat saw Mark Morrison go into the lead but towards the end of the heat was delayed allowing Kieran McKay into the lead. He was then spun with Morrison getting back into the lead and through to win from Greg Simpson and Paul Murray.

The second heat was an Allan show and after going straight into the lead and accompanied by some spectacular cornering went through for an easy win. Frank Boardman was the runner up with McKay in third place.

With it looking very likely that the TYO team were heading for a team win the cars lined up for the final.

When the green flag dropped Wesley McLean took the lead from Morrison and Allan whilst Marcus McLean’s wrecked car ran at the rear of the field. Sean McConnachie crashed out with M. McLean’s battered car suspending the race. Once the cars were cleared from the raceway the green flag dropped with McKay going into the lead but next time around Fred Davidson moved ahead but had M. McLean running in close order. Boardman was in third but lost out to Allan. However when the leaders came across and back markers the leader was delayed by W. McLean allowing McKay back into the lead. However he was spun as M. McLean retook the lead but was just clear of Allan and Boardman. The three cars were in close order on the last lap but exiting the last corner the leader was spun, Allan hit it and rolled with Boardman sneaking through for the win. Allan was given second spot with Simpson third. When the points were totaled the team winners were team TYO.

Allan went on to win the Allcomers race from W. McLean.

The van bangers certainly treated the fans to plenty of action with Vans spinning, a few being wrecked and plenty of contact. Local drivers on the grid included Tam Gordon (Mayfield), James Dillon (Mayfield), Callum Campbell (Dalkeith), Ian Cameron (Mayfield) and Steve Allan (Gorebridge).Heat one saw Ryan Harrow come out on top but there was chaos throughout with

Lee Clarke’s van having the back end wrecked whilst Mark Dalgarno moved into the lead but then lost out and spun. Dillon and Clarke had a bout of wrecking each other with the latter coming off second best. Harrow then moved into the lead before going through to win. Heat two saw Allan, in his campervan take the lead but was soon caught by Dillon in his minibus. Allan kept to the outside line as Dillon tried to get ahead but each time had to tuck in behind. However, on the last lap, Dillon managed to get alongside and just fended him off on the dash to the finish line. Dalgarno moved into the lead when the final started but on the opening lap there was a big shunt on the top bend which saw Gordon managing to break free as the others struggled to do so. In the end Gordon had a trouble free run to the chequer with Dillon coming home in second place.

The Allcomers/ Destruction Derby brought out ten cars plus a people carrier which was soon left on the sidelines. There were some really heavy hits as the drivers set out to wreck each other but in the end it was Dillon who triumphed wrecking quite a few others as he did so.

Next week there will be a few of the Racewall drivers displaying their new cars down at the Motor Show down at Birmingham. The first of the practice meetings will be for new drivers but there is also a saloon challenge between Scottish and English saloon drivers.