Midlothian Gala heritage is brought to book

The Loanhead Gala crowning in 1914.
The Loanhead Gala crowning in 1914.

The rich history of Midlothian’s many festivals is the focus of a new book.

Written by Loanhead historian Alan McLaren, The History of Midlothian’s Local Festivals spotlights the humble beginnings of the many celebrations in towns and villages.

Mr McLaren, a member of Loanhead Gala Committee, is keen that the new 345-page hardback will redress the balance between Midlothian’s children’s festivals and many of the country’s adult celebrations.

“I think what Midlothian has got is a long history and culture of these festivals, which can certainly stand up to what is going on elsewhere, but I don’t think we have got the credit for it,” he said.

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