Midlothian is
truly beautiful

Crichton Castle
Crichton Castle

With its industrial past and situated in the shadow of Edinburgh, we can often forget how beautiful Midlothian is as a county.

Each week we publish a Reader’s Picture and are often astounded by the variety of riches on offer.

Stunning Pentlands

Stunning Pentlands

There are scenic gems dotted all around – from the majestic Pentland Hills to the many reservoirs.

The woodland and country parks offer inspiration to our keen photographers as do the two River Esks.

Some of the ancient momuments, historic buildings and structures present a wealth of photographic challenges.

This feature recalls some of the stunning images we have published during the past year and we are always keen to receive many, many more from our readers.

Perhaps you know of some secret location, pathway or spot which captures the essence of Midlothian or has tremendous views across the county.

Go on! Email in your photos of scenic Midlothian to midlothianadvertiser@jnlothian.co.uk