Midlothian job cuts on cards

Fears have been voiced over further council redundancies and a squeeze on the local economy in Midlothian.

Council and business leaders predict tough times in light of the Scottish Government spending review announced by Finance Secretary John Swinney last week.

Mr Swinney proposed to freeze the council tax for a further five years and introduce a levy on big retailers selling alcohol and tobacco, which will be used to support social services, the justice system and NHS.

The review includes proposals that the business rates will rise by 23 per cent in the next three years.

Midlothian Council Leader Derek Milligan said: “This is as bad as we had feared and have been preparing for. We’ve been told through COSLA there’s no more money coming to cover the cost of continuing the council tax freeze, one way we raise money to pay for the frontline services we provide, and what money comes from the Scottish Government is coming with strings attached.”

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