Midlothian Matters - Exciting times ahead for Dalkeith

Members of One Dalkeith hold a litter pick-up in the town.
Members of One Dalkeith hold a litter pick-up in the town.

Community spirit is at the heart of every town – people getting together and do what they can to make a difference, writes Jane Flett from One Dalkeith.

One Dalkeith, wants to help Dalkeith do just that. Through working with the community and ultimately developing community owned enterprise and facilities, we want to play a part in helping regenerate Dalkeith socially, economically and environmentally.

Thanks to funding from Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Midlothian Council and help from local businesses we were able to host a number of community cafes and events in 2016.

These were an opportunity to consult on what matters to people in the community, whilst also allowing people of all ages to start making an immediate difference – through litter picks and planting of new shrubs in areas that had previously been filled with nothing but cigarette ends.

The community consultation has given us a wealth of information and shown the passion there is for our area.

There is, of course, an overwhelming interest and opinion in the town centre regeneration, but Dalkeith is so much more than that.

No matter which part you live in, it is clear that we all want to make it the best it can be.

We want to have choice where we shop, opportunities for community events and to take pride in our environment.

You just need to look around at all the new housing developments to see that it is a desirable area to live, bring up families and for people to make their home.

In 2017, One Dalkeith will conclude their consultation and consider how we can all work together as a community to start to deliver change – it’s an exciting time for us all.

Our next community consultation event is the Dalkeith Activities Fair, which is being held in the Dalkeith Art Centre on Saturday, January 21, 10am to 12.30am.

It will be an opportunity for local people of all ages to find out what home-grown, community-led groups are in the area and to talk about what else they would like to see.

So come along and tell us what you want from your community.

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