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Midlothian World History Society promotes an understanding of international affairs
Midlothian World History Society promotes an understanding of international affairs

Since 1989 the Midlothian World History Society has presented an annual programme of lectures to promote interest and understanding of our national history, the history of other countries and of international affairs.

Although its activities are distinct from those of the many local history societies which thrive in Midlothian, they provide a wider context within which local history society members may study their own localities.

Speakers of expertise and knowledge drawn from universities, cultural bodies and other academic organisations are invited to address the MWHS. Meetings are well-attended by people of all ages from across Midlothian and further afield, and by those from different backgrounds and with different educational levels.

The MWHS has now launched its programme of eight lectures for the 2016-17 session. Lectures are held in St Nicholas Buccleuch Church Hall, High Street, Dalkeith, on the second Tuesday of each month from September to April inclusive at 7.30pm.

The first lecture of the new session is on September 13 when Dr Fraser Hunter of the National Museums of Scotland, will talk on ‘Celts: art and identity’. Subsequent lectures look at such varied topics as Francoist Spain and the Second World War; mass murder during the Renaissance; soldiers, sisters and surgeons on the Somme; and Alexander Stewart, the ‘Wolf of Badenoch’.

Although entry to individual lectures is free of charge, the MWHS is a membership organisation. Annual membership is set at £6 which, the society believes, makes it affordable for everyone. Attendance at lectures is always healthy which is attributable, in part, to the friendly welcome visitors and new members receive. One measure of the success of society meetings is the level of participation in discussion at the end of each lecture. There are always questions and comments from members.

The 2016-17 programme is available free of charge from Neil Macvicar (macvicar.neil@yahoo.co.uk or 0131 652 1715).

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