Midlothian Matters - Village plan is a first for Scotland

The Rosewell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would love to hear your ideas for the 2018 calendar.
The Rosewell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would love to hear your ideas for the 2018 calendar.

Made up of local volunteers, local organisations (including RDT and RDCC) and Midlothian Council representatives, the Rosewell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is tasked with overseeing the Neighbourhood Plan, developing an action plan to work towards positive outcomes that have arisen through consultations with local people and the creation of the fantastic calendar which comes through every Rosewell door every year! writes Fiona Inglis (Rosewell Development Trust).

Last year, the group delivered their first Neighbourhood Plan document in the form of an innovative, user-friendly and exciting calendar to every house within Rosewell. This is the first time in Scotland, to the group’s knowledge that a Neighbourhood Plan has been delivered in this format. The feedback received from community members, local councillors and community bodies was overwhelmingly positive which brings us to now and the plans for 2018 – Rosewell has already had its second calendar (for 2017) and work is being made to develop the calendar again.

The 2018 calendar will have a strong emphasis on the 12 Action Points that have been highlighted through consultations with the community and will include giving young people more of a voice, introduction of new community facilities, increased engagement with community bodies, improvement of bus services, reduction of the amount of dog fouling, littering and fly tipping in the village through the RDT ‘Keep Rosewell Beautiful’ and the introduction of the ‘Green Dog Walkers’ scheme as well as working to improve local and community transport within the area.

If you live in Rosewell and would like to get involved or submit ideas for how the group can target the 12 Actions Points, contact Claire, the group’s chairman, by emailing: cea38@outlook.com. The group meet at Rosewell Resource Centre at 7pm on the following dates: June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, October 12 and November 9.

There’s lots of great work going on in Rosewell, often solely involving volunteers. All involved are committed to work together to make Rosewell a better, stronger and more sustainable place for the people that live there.

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