Midlothian MP David Hamilton defends his party locally

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Midlothian MP David Hamilton (Lab) has defended his party locally in the wake of Councillor Peter Boyes’ claims of disharmony.

He said: “There is not a split in the Labour party locally,the party’s branch functions very well.
“I don’t believe we will lose members either, in fact we are growing in membership.

“And I think part of that is people getting galvanised by the referendum issue as people want to keep the UK together.”

Mr Hamilton said he was sad to hear the comments from Councillor Boyes: “I’m disappointed as I worked with him for many years in the pits and we go way back, to before he became a councillor.

“On a personal note I’m pleased that his health has improved dramatically recently.

“I think Peter has put himself in a real dilemma. He didn’t make the effort to consult with anybody over the Newbattle issue and he wasn’t at any of the public consultation meetings on the matter.
“I think he was in a bad place but I believe his health was the reason for that. I just hope he continues to get better.”