Midlothian MP explains Syria vote decision

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Midlothian Labour MP David Hamilton has explained his decision to vote against supporting military action in Syria.

Making public his views on the international response to the deepening crisis in the country, the politician told the Advertiser that he shared the concerns of constituents who wrote to him ahead of the recent vote in Parliament.

He said: “I find the use of chemical weapons repulsive, and reports at the time of writing suggest that more that 1,400 people have been killed in Syria as a result of these attacks with thousands more affected.

“This incident is the latest devastating loss of human life in Syria – 100,000 people have been killed, including over 7,000 children during two and a half years of civil war.

“I am aware that many people oppose all military action towards Syria for a variety of reasons. If there is compelling evidence that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against its own people then the international community has a moral duty to intervene. However, I do not believe that the Government has demonstrated the case for action in Syria at this stage. This is why I voted for an Opposition amendment when the issue was debated by the House of Commons.”

Read full story in the September 12 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.