Midlothian shoppers say that it’s ‘too early’ for Christmas

With Christmas adverts already appearing on our tv screens, and festive products hitting supermarket shelves, Advertiser reporter Craig Finlay took to the street to ask shoppers for their thoughts on whether it’s all happening a bit too early this year.

While most felt that mid-October was a bit premature for selection boxes and stick-on reindeer antlers, a minority said they were in favour.

Elaine Darling (50), Eskbank, said: “I have seen a few selection boxes. It’s a bit early. You like to get the October holidays out the way before Christmas starts. Mid November would be appropriate.”

Lauren Houston (24), Bonnyrigg, added: “I have seen loads of Christmas stuff and the Halloween stuff isn’t even out yet. When kids see it they get excited. The shops should wait until at least November.”

Christopher Hurst (33), Bonnyrigg, told our man: “It’s far too early. At the moment you have Halloween stuff right next to Christmas stuff and a lot of it is over the top.”

Pauline Brown (50), Rosewell, said: “I think its better because people have more time to spread the cost of Christmas shopping. Otherwise it would be a mad rush.”