Midlothian wood on right path

ENVIRONMENTAL improvements are to be made to a Midlothian wood.

The Green Insurance Company has awarded a Green Grant of £1,584 for the enhancement of Ford Mill Wood, a small area between Pathhead and Vogrie.

The wood is overgrown and dark, which prevents wildlife from flourishing and discourages local people from using the pathway for walking, cycling or riding.

Ford Mill is adjacent to the Tyne Water river corridor and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI.)

The project aims to thin out a hectare of Sitka spruce to allow light through to the forest floor to encourage the regeneration of the native woodland; to coppice alder along the 250m of the river corridor to encourage regeneration; and to plant 0.25 hectare of new native woodland, approximately 600 trees, alongside the pathway to improve the wildlife corridor and act as a windbreaker for walkers and cyclists.

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