Midlothian woodland flourishes

Leadburn Pond
Leadburn Pond

A RURAL community woodland has been flourishing over the summer.

Thanks to an award from WREN’s landfill communities fund, four ponds have been created at the Leadburn woodland, right. The ponds have become a firm feature on the landscape and are already attracting more bird life onto the site.

The Friends of Leadburn Community Woodland were formed in 2005 and two years later purchased the woodland, close to the boundary with the Scottish Borders, from the Forestry Commission.

More than 3000 trees have been planted by volunteers, the access to the site has been improved and bog restoration work has been undertaken to create a range of habitats for wildlife.

In the spring, the committee plan to plant up some of the pond margins with suitable native species and increase the footpath network.

The group’s annual general meeting will be held in the Leadburn Inn on Monday, November 14 at 7.30pm when topics, such as the ponds, footpaths and additional tree planting, are to be discussed.