Missing Kippielaw path fuels worries

Site of a former path at Kippielaw
Site of a former path at Kippielaw

Residents opposed to plans to build 60 homes on land designated as farmland are angry that a path has mysteriously disappeared.

The Save Kippielaw Group was set-up last year to fight plans to change the land at Kippielaw Farm to housing as part of the Midlothian Local Plan.

Members object for a number of reasons including worries about a gas pipeline under the site, and that building homes there would join up the communities of Mayfield, Easthouses and Dalkeith, destroying their individual identities.

Stephen Liddell of the campaign group believes that Grange Estates has “jumped the gun” by removing a path from the site. The company denies any involvement in the path’s disappearance.

He added: “There was a hedgerow and footpath that went through the field to the back of the steading and Grange Estates removed them. This public right of way has been robbed from the community. It was taken out about 18 months ago and is sadly missed.

“One of our arguments is that this whole area is used by the community – dog walkers, a footpath for people to get from Kippielaw Steading up towards Whitehill, and Lawfield Primary School use the fields at Kippielaw as a nature trail.

“It’s not our strongest argument but the community use this field and would lose it if the plans went ahead.”

Grange Estates told the Advertiser that no work has been undertaken on the land it owns at Kippielaw.

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